An App-solute Game Changer in Marriage Counseling

Considering couples therapy? Wait. Not every couple needs to see a therapist in person to turn their relationship around. The Together app uses the latest behavioral science to help you improve your relationship at home.

The practical exercises in the app are based on cutting-edge research. We know what works and we’re here to guide you. Get ready to create the healthiest, most fulfilling relationship you’ve ever experienced!

Together includes:

  • A hands-on program based on tried-and-tested therapy frameworks (Emotion-Focused Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)
  • High-quality, interactive video sessions, tailored to your specific relationship concerns
  • Psychologist-approved exercises to help you get great results
  • A “conversation cards” feature designed to spark meaningful discussions
  • On-the-go access, so you can work on your relationship wherever and whenever you want
  • The freedom to explore the program with or without your partner
Cloud shaped illustration
Image credit: Külli Kittus (via Unsplash)
Cloud shaped illustration

Our Psychologist-Approved Marriage Counseling App Helps Couples Revitalize Their Relationships

Your relationship health matters. Together empowers you to make lasting changes in a fun, interactive way. We make relationship psychology simple, accessible, and engaging. 

So how do we do it? To begin with, we don't just teach you theories! Instead, we help you practice the skills you need to solve your specific relationship problems. Our app content adapts to your unique situation, so the exercises we suggest are always relevant.

The benefits don’t stop there. Not only is our program more affordable than traditional therapy, it's also at your fingertips 24/7.

Marriage Counseling, Anytime Anywhere

Revamp Your Communication

Single & Multiplayer Mode

Stories from our users

“Together helped us reconnect, where we almost lost each other.”

Vallery, Chicago

“We love the partner sessions. They’re like a new layer of closeness for us.”

Joseph & Kate, Toronto

Couples Save Up to $2,500

Traditional marriage counseling can cost up to $120 per one-hour session. If you fork out for a specialist couple’s retreat, that'll put you back $2,000–$5,000 for a weekend getaway.

Why not save money by trying a more affordable alternative first? Together is easier on your wallet, but it’s still brimming with expert tips. Don’t forget: it’s been developed by a leading psychologist, therapist, and trainer.

Guided Conversations To Fix Couple’s Relationships

Do you wish you could open up and reveal your deepest, truest feelings to your partner? Together brings you practical tools to help you speak your truth more effectively. Learn to reduce anxiety before and during difficult conversations. Also, use our discussion prompts to discover new points of connection.

Practical, Science-Based Methods To Rediscover Your Passion

50-70% of couples say that sexual problems have affected their relationship. We help you get the spark back and feel deeply connected again. Download Together and discover new ways to improve emotional and physical intimacy.

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Image credit: Shingi Rice (via Unsplash)

Get the tools you need to make your relationship succeed.