Revitalize your relationship

Together is a relationship health app developed by leading couples therapists

Our video-based program adapts to your unique situation

You can use the app alone or connect with your partner

Our program is based on the therapy frameworks ACT & EFT

Stories from our users

“Together helped us reconnect, where we almost lost each other.”

Vallery, Chicago

“We love the partner sessions. They’re like a new layer of closeness for us.”

Joseph & Kate, Toronto

“It’s lightweight couple therapy. At your own pace, practical and there when you need it.”

Thomas, London

“Relationships need continuous care. Together does just that for us.”

Jennifer, Boston

We are a collective of therapists, developers, and creatives from all around the globe. Become a part of the crew.

Life is better together

There is material progress in therapeutic sciences that we believe should be accessible to anybody. We are here to build a bridge for these cutting-edge technologies and give them into the hands of anybody who is willing to do the work.

We believe that our generation intuitively understands that life is better together. That our relationships are a fundamental pillar of our well-being. That they give our life meaning and require our attention and our effort.

Our relationships are worth it

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